That’s Why The West Needs Poligamy

In this note presented some statistical facts related to the “secret” behind the command of Allah Ta’ala. about polygamy laws in the religion of submission to Him.

This is a fact that can be accepted that the birth ratio of men and women are equal in all places. But in child mortality, the dead men more than women. Astonishing! “The weaker sex?”

At each time period there are more widows than widowers in the world. every civilized nation has a surplus of women. England 4 million. Germany 5 million. Russia 7 million, and others.

We learn that America has the advantage of 7.8 million women. This means that if every American man to marry, there are still 7.8 million women are left, the woman who will not get a husband. One thing we know, a woman, even if she was frigid, would not mind to get married. He will get married even if only to get shelter and protection.

New York as an Example
New York City has more than one million women more than men. Even if all the male population yangcukup dared to marry the opposite sex were collected, there is still one million women without husbands.

“What should be done by the women of this poor West? They really will be old and dry.” (In The Life of the American Female by Dr. Alfred Kinsey)

But the worst is the reputation that a third of the male population in this city is “gay” or alias homosexual sodomy perpetrator (“gay” a wonderful word that means ‘happy and excited’ – now perverted!).

Jews, the most noisy in every debate, remained silent as a mouse for fear of being branded as “the nation east of the backward.” Church, with millions of fans who claimed the rebirth of the Holy Spirit dwell in the house, also a silent on this topic. Only an American minister who frequently appears on TV, Jimmy Swagart, which in a good research book, Homosexuality, lamented:

“America, God will judges you (destroy). If he does not judge you, He might have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah for their indecency, severe damage because of their homosexual behavior immoral or satisfaction from their unnatural lust.”

Western world pretending to tolerate millions of sodomy and lesbian perpetrators in their midst. In the west, a man who kept a dozen get a dozen lovers and an illegitimate child is not a problem * every year. Depraved acts are proudly given the nickname “stud” **

* “Illegitimate child” is a term in the Gospels. This scripture use it three times: Deut 23:2, Zechariah 9:6, and Hebrews 12:8.
** Stud: an expression used for a man with an exaggerated masculinity. This term is generally used for animal husbandry.

Nice Ratio 1:6, 1 Man out of every Woman. If you were there, you saw it. (Sumber Foto:

Let them have fun, but do not think he’s responsible!”, Said the people of the West.

Islam says, “Make a man responsible for his pleasures.” “There was a man who was willing to take extra responsibility, and there is also the type who are willing to share a husband. Why blocking their way?

You mocking polygamy, which has been done by the Prophet of God as written in the Gospels. You forget that Solomon’s wise to have 1000 wives and concubines as listed in The Good Book (1 Kings 11:3), a healthy solution for your critical issues. Instead of an instant satisfaction to meet with an unnatural lust committed sodomy or lesbian! How unfair!

Polygamy has been done by Jews and pagans at the time of Jesus, even by Christians too. He did not say a word against it. This is not wrong him. Jews do not give him to bring peace to the solution. He just screamed and said, “When He, the Spirit of truth comes, He will lead you into all truth.” (Gospel of John 16:13). Polygyny among Christains fell out of favor during the period between the first council of Nicea (circa 325) and the Second Council of Nicea(circa 787) during which period the Romanization of the ‘Church’ took over.

The only solution: Limit and Set Polygamy

Al-Amin, the Spirit of truth, based on the revelation of God provided a solution to this unfortunate situation. God set:

فى ٱليتمى فٱنكحوا ما طاب لكم من ٱلنسآء مثنى وثلث وربع
“… Then marry women of [other] you like: two, three or four. Then if you fear will not be able to do justly, then [marry] only one, ..” (Al-anymore: 3)

(Source text: The Choice: Islam-Christian Dialogue by Ahmed Deedat, the publisher Pustaka Al-Kautsar 1995; diction with a little editing and layout of the paragraph by me.)



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